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last update: November 2018


Open positions: PhD theses
Project Titel Main Focus
Glass 3D Printing 3D printing and injection moulding of multicomponent glasses composites/process development

Integrated sensors for microsystems, microcontroller programming and periphery design for sensors and actuator systems design for sensors and actuator systems

sensor and electrical engineering, device development, microfluidics

Microactuators Development of microfluidic valves for tactile displays based on electrowetting electrochemistry and microsystem engineering, device development, microfluidics
Glass 3D Printing 3D printing of nanocomposites for microfluidic devices with integrated electronics polymer chemistry, chemical engineering, microfluidics
3D Printing Novel concepts for 3D printing technologies - combining smart materials and smart manufacturing chemistry, chemical engineering, polymers
surface wetting Analysis of wetting behaviour on spiropyran surfaces chemistry